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The main purpose of the following entries is to provide glimpses of informations about Raven's past. It is mostly OOC and will be voiced in your head as you read by none other than, Malcolm McDowell! Will also get updated as inspiration kicks in.

A Raven's Life Mcdowell

~A Little Raven~

In the cold light of a magic fire, a father gazes at a daughter, like a lord gazes at a serf. For every sob she makes, his anger grows stronger. The young little devil fights as best as she can the urge to cry, she knows all too well what would happen if a tear would dare to show up at the corner of her gleaming yellow eyes.

"What are you waiting for girl? This ritual won't complete itself."

His voice is calm, yet severe. Poor Aurana has been kneeling at the center of this mystical circle for hours now, and despiste her best efforts, it has yet to be set in motion. She's hungry, tired and scared. Scared of this man, this so called father who seems to be expecting a miracle from her. He slowly walks around the circle, inquisitively staring at her, his hands clasped behind his back. The moment she tries opening her mouth, his voice raises abruptly.

"Not! A single word! Unless you want me to remove that pointy tongue of yours? Once again."

The blue skinned girl gasps out of fear and quickly shakes her little horned head. The mere memory of having her tongue ripped out of her mouth is enough to rekindle the horrible pain she felt each time it happened. But this is so unfaire, she thought, full of despair and frustration. Casting a ritual is one thing, but silently? The poor thing closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and starts focusing her powers once more. Her little tail wiggles nervously behind her as she repeats the incantation in her head, closing her eyes even tighter, as if it could help her in any way.
All of a sudden she feels it, a response to her call! The little devil quickly opens her eyes, only to witness a glowing circle all around her. She has done it!

"Aah. It would seem we might make a decent wizard of you, after all."

For a brief instant, she could swear she saw a little spark of pride in the eyes of her tormentor. Even though he would never admit it, on that very day, she impressed him beyond expectations.

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