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For months now, Raven's husband has been missing, lost somewhere in the Qliphothic world. Like everything that lingers there for too long, he is slowly decaying and eventually, he will cease to exist. However, the red-headed witch refuses to lose him to the nothingness, thus she gathers a few friends, willing to help her bring back her lost love from this madness.

"I can't let him fade away... I miss him too much..."

It all started with a call on the Infinite Dawn comlink, Raven Witch had suddenly decided she wanted to do whatever it takes to have her husband back, to save him from himself, from the nothingness.

Cinder and Erin answered immediately, Aurana could have waited for more, she could have planned this operation more carefully, but no! Things had to happen, now!

After a mere warning she teleported the two volunteers in front of a mystic lair, which contained everything they needed, a mystic well and no witnesses.

Missing : Husband Hub1
Raven gives some explanations at the entrance of a Trismegistus hideout.

The witch intended to create a steady portal out of the well, a safe passage to the far end of the Qliphoth, or more likely, the least hazardous one. She will have to go alone anyway, she will need to focus all of her chaotic energy on herself to mitigate the corrupting madness of the Qliphoth.

Cinder and Erin were to remain by the portal, in case things didn't work out the way they were supposed to, who knows what could come back with Raven.

With everyone ready, the portal was opened, a witch vanished through it and two anxious heroines were now waiting for her to return.

Missing : Husband Portal
The ritual begins...

As she landed on the Qliphoth, Aurana was instantly assaulted by its oppressive atmosphere. Hopefully, she had come prepared, protected by her chaotic aura of negation.

It didn't take her long to find Him, thanks to the engagement ring he was still wearing as a pendant around his neck. Aside from that, he was unrecognizable, he had almost become a pure entity of Shinning Darkness.

She approached him cautiously, one step at a time, remembering that in his current state, he was but a mindless predator. Eventually, she went close enough to hug him, not the smartest thing to do but at this point, she didn't even care any more.

Was it her contact, or maybe her chaotic aura? Whatever the case, the surronding shadows began to vibrate and a single word echoed from the soundless nothingness of the Qliphoth.


Raven didn't waste any time, listening to her heart and relaying on her teleportation, she brought him back through the portal.

Missing : Husband Qliphoth
Raven faces what remains of her husband.

Back at the mystic lair, Cinder and Erin were both shocked at the sight of that Qliphothic nightmare the witch had brought back with her.

Being in the presence of Aurana, the beast of Shinning Darkness gazed at them, refraining itself from devouring everything around, the man buried deep inside it slowly awakening.

After a moment and some explanations, Raven decided to bring everyone to her mansion.

Missing : Husband Return
A fearsome wraith of madness stands quietly before two unsettled heroines.

Sheltered in a pocket dimension, the Mealler's mansion welcomed the quartet in her cozy bosom.

The red-headed witch had prepared on a table a bunch of personal items in order to help whatever is left of her husband recover his memory.

As Erin and Cinder suggested, Raven gave him a picture of himself. After focusing awhile on it, the shadows surronding him began to fade, his shape becoming sharper and sharper, until he finally looked like the man he used to be.

Missing : Husband Home
Aurana will do whatever it takes to have her husband remember who he really is.

The physical appearance was one thing, but to fully bring back his mind and memories, Aurana will have to show him more than a mere picture.

Suddenly, with a voice sounding almost human, he inquired about his children. Embracing such an amazing opportunity, she led him to see the fruits of their love.

As he starred at them, sleeping in their little beds, he remembered the love he had for them. Surely, it would take some time, but Gaheris was no longer lost, he was home.

Missing : Husband Human
Raven finally brought her husband back.

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