Mission Audio Report : Behind the Mask

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Mission Audio Report : Behind the Mask Empty Mission Audio Report : Behind the Mask

Message  Khaine le Mer 30 Déc - 16:43

Mission Audio Report : Behind the Mask Mask

COMET> access report RW86001_

[] audio file : "rw86001"
[] submitted by : Raven Witch
[] location : Canada
[] status : Complete
[] participants : Raven Witch (Protector), Cinder (Initiate), Arc (Initiate), Gaheris (Guest)

COMET> read file rw86001_


Raven Witch : "Mhm... COMET? I would like to submit a report about... why a mission obviously!" Raven's voice sounds as playful as ever.

COMET : "Very well Protector Raven Witch, simply fill in the f..." The robotic feminine voice is abruptly interrupted.

Raven Witch : "Oh no, no, no! I'm way too lazy for that, sweet bit." She cackles. "Why don't you just record me, eh? Oh and just call me Raven or something, like everyone else does." She clears her throat. "Aaanyway! I was given an assignment by the Trismegistus Council, blasted old farts!" She lets out a brief sigh. "So! I was to investigate some weird stuff in Canada..."

COMET : "Can you please define weird stuff, Raven?"

Raven Witch "Shush! I'm telling the story!" She takes a quick breath. "So yeah, my hubby was with me... the name's Gaheris before you ask and yeah, he's a registered superhero and stuff!"

COMET : "I trust you also asked for help on that matter via the Comm."

Raven Witch "Aye! Cinderachu and Arckie answered the call. Afterwards, the four of us met in the canadian wilderness where we found an abandoned camp and tracks, leading toward the nearby mountain... wait! Is that dirt on my boots?"

COMET : "Please proceed with the report, Raven."

Raven Witch "Just a sec... a'right! So! We fought our way through a bunch of undeads until we found a portal from where they were coming from! I tried my best to close it, but that cursed thing refused to obey!"

Mission Audio Report : Behind the Mask Portal
Welp, it's a portal and it won't close.

Raven Witch "I suggested to go through it to deal with whatever was responsible for this mess. For some reason Arckie chickened out, she claimed she didn't want to travel to another dimension and just vanished right away!"

COMET : "Any idea as to what might have caused Initiate Arc to leave so suddenly?"

Raven Witch "Beats me! I thought every Dawnies were okay with dimension stuff, I mean, I was specifically asked about that during my interview... Anyway, the rest of us went through the damn portal." Sighs again. "And oh surprise, more undeads! We ended up in a cave or whatever, filled with those decaying brainless fools."

COMET : "And I assume you also found the source of the anomaly."

Raven Witch "Aye, that we did. But before that I must mention something, amoung the reanimated cadavers were some DEMON's goons. Those morons had done it again it seemed. Anyway, we eventually faced a Lich named Mordak."

Mission Audio Report : Behind the Mask Necro
Mordak the Lich!

Raven Witch "Apparently, the DEMON raided its lair to get hold of a grimoire. And that got the Lich pretty pissed, which is why it decided to take over the portal and invade our world in turn..." Lets out a sigh. "Anyway, I ordered Cinderachu to cast Thunder on the rotting bastard, it was super effective! We had then to get the hell out of there, as the cave started to crumble around us."

COMET : "What of the portal?"

Raven Witch "Well, as we kicked the Lich's butt, it lost its hold over it, so once we made it back I was able to close it. Aaand that's it."

COMET : "What a brilliant conclusion, no words on the grimoire and the DEMON thieves?"

Raven Witch "Oh, don't smartass me you sack'o bits! Anyway, now I'm pretty bored, I need to pull out a few pranks on some random people. Byeee!" The characteristic 'bamf' of Raven's teleportation would be heard, ending the audio file.

Mission Audio Report : Behind the Mask Butt_Kick
Random people getting pranked.

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